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The concealed humanity in Gaza Where is the European Union?

The concealed humanity in Gaza Where is the European Union?

The concealed humanity in Gaza
Where is the European Union? 
From the occupation’s crimes against civilians

There are many wishes and hopes issued by countries of the EU to respect human rights.
There are many funds provided by the EU for civil society organizations with the aim of spreading the culture of human rights.
There are many phrases of your nations that call for spreading the culture of tolerance, peace, and conflict resolution through peaceful means.
There are many western calls to the spread of democracy and the peaceful transfer of power.

We learned from you the importance of respecting children's rights, their right to live, their right of education, their right to express, their right of a healthy environment, their right of development. We learned from you the importance of respecting women's rights; their right of living, their right to learn, their right to be healthy, and many other rights.
We learned from you that nations have the right to determine and establish a real independent state.
We read your experiences in resisting the occupation and we were impressed with it and have considered as model for us, we respected your resistance to the Nazi occupation.
We read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we informed the convention on the rights of the child and found beautiful texts, especially those phrases which call for not discriminating between a human being and another, between a child and another on the basis of sex, race, or color. We were happy for that, and we were happier when we knew that your countries call for these noble human values. 

But we found that your wishes are all empty when it comes to Arab human beings, and Palestinians.
What is the value of your wishes while our children are being killed easily? Do you want us to hear you when we see the child Mohamad Abu Khudair was burnt while he was still alive and you were only condemning shy? What did you do for him?
Have you ever seen our children in Gaza when their bodies were torn by using very powerful weapons, some of which may be made of your countries, or you denied this because of the ugliness of the scene?

Have you ever felt the pain of children, women, and civilians since many years under the siege and you're looking at them.
Do you know that more than 200 children are kidnapped in the Israeli jails with very bad living conditions?
Don’t you have a close economical, political, and a security relationship with the occupation?
We don't want from you, but what you believe in, what you declare and call for. We believe in the values of justice and humanity and we call for it, for respecting and applying it.

Why do you support the occupation in the universal forums? Why do you talk the same speech of occupation? Why do you welcome their criminal leaders?

The EU is invited today before tomorrow to protect children and women and to apply what they call for of the justice and human rights values. The system of international humanitarian law and the international law of human rights are at stake, and if the European Union will not apply a humanitarian duty then the region will witness more tension and bloodshed.

Beirut, 18/07/2014

Palestinian association for human rights "witness”
Humanitarian Relief for Development