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(Witness) ,who will halt the administrative corruption that is practiced by the UNRWA administration?


         The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness) releases a human rights statement that monitors the administrative depravity that is practiced by the UNRWA agency while carrying out its humanitarian work in the health, education, and service sectors, without a censorship that can cease it, disregarding the economic and social challenges suffered by the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

         (Witness) follows up condemning the systematic curtailment policies that the UNRWA administration in Lebanon has been following in its various service sectors, especially in the education, health and relief ones, which can be described as a confused and irrational policy.

v    In the education sector:

In the education sector, because of what is so-called precautionary measures, UNRWA decided to:

§ Reduce learning days for students in its schools to merely ten days per month without distant learning platforms, for the purpose of minimizing the number of teachers although the Ministry of Education has settled the number of learning days to be 16 per month.

§ Refuse to increase the number of staff supervising hygiene and toilets inside schools who monitor cleanliness and constant sterilization.

§ Not provide a substitute for teachers who are infected with the Corona virus, because UNRWA requires to provide a new teacher that school working days be less than 12 days per month.

§ Refrain from provision of needs for schools including books and stationery ,taking an excuse the lack of printing presses in Lebanon.

§ Terminate the contracts for many clerks, workers, and some teachers of the study support program.

§ Cancel the self-learning program and suddenly suspend the contracts of many daily teachers, knowing that they were contracted with until the end of the school year.


v    In the health sector:

UNRWA contracted with many private and governmental hospitals in Lebanon in 2022 to provide second and third level hospitalization services for Palestinian refugees. The following matters were monitored:

§   There is no mechanism to follow up the implementation of contracts in a clear and transparent manner and to protect the Palestinian patient from exploitation within those hospitals.

§  Many patients infected with Corona virus are being exploited and obliged to purchase medicine on their own expenses that the UNRWA don’t contribute in.

§  Disregarding the inability of Palestinian refugees to pay the differences in hospital bills in US dollars according to the exchange rate on the black market and the rise in medicine prices due to the great economic and financial crisis that is afflicting Lebanon.


v    In the field of relief:

§  In early 2022, UNRWA decided to reduce relief aid and emergency shelter allowance for Palestinian refugees from Syria from 100$ per month to 25$.

§  Reducing food and clothing allowances, without taking into account the difficult economic and financial conditions in Lebanon, the rise in house rents, as well as in the prices of food commodities and services.



We, in the Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness), call the UNRWA for the following:

1.     Creating a local oversight mechanism through civil society institutions that monitors the performance of UNRWA.

2.     Working to increase the precautionary measures for Corona virus in its schools and allocate substitutes for infected teachers.

3.     Reversal of the decision to suspend the contracts with many teachers and clerks and return them to their jobs.

4.     Reversal of the decision to reduce relief services for Palestinian refugees from Syria.

5.     Follow up the implementation of hospitalization contracts with hospitals and protect Palestinian patients from exploitation.





Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness)


Beirut in 17/1/2022