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(Witness): The Lebanese army's act in Nahr Al-Bared camp to arrest wanted persons was disproportionate and caused a state of outrage in the camp

The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness) follows with great concern the method of raids carried out by units of the Lebanese Army to arrest wanted persons in Nahr Al-Bared camp on Tuesday dawn, 10/25/2022, which ended up arresting nine of them with various charges.

The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness) stresses the necessity of arresting wanted individuals and bringing them to trial in accordance to the applicable law. At the same time, however, it considers that the raids were against international standards pertaining this regard.

According to frequent testimonies, a large number of the Lebanese Army, supported by armored vehicles, helicopters and naval boats, stormed a number of residential neighborhoods in Nahr Al-Bared camp, causing panic and fear among children, women and the elderly while they were asleep. This was accompanied by breaking doors and destroying house contents while invading them in a community considered to be a conservative one.

Witness’s concern is because the Lebanese Army has considered Nahr al-Bared camp a military zone since 2007 although it is demilitarized and its military units can easily reach any house. There are also coordination and cooperation mechanisms between the Army Command in the North and the Popular Committee in the camp to report wanted people to security services or judiciary, follow up the needs of the residents in general, and complete the reconstruction of the old camp.

(Witness) wonders about the reason behind this act or if it stems from a military necessity, and whether the rights of the civilians have been respected.


The raiding of Nahr Al-Bared by Lebanese Army on the 25th of October exceeded the main goal which is arresting the wanted people for several issues and rather resulted in a great fear and panic among the camp’s demilitarized residents. This led to a state of outrage that was manifested by declaring a general strike and closing schools that include seven thousand children and health centers of UNRWA, Palestinian Red Crescent, and others. 


The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness) emphasizes that taking wanted people into custody serves the benefit of the camp before it being a target for military and other security forces. Thus, Army Command is called to humanize the measures taken at the entrance and around the camp and fairly achieve their main goal of arresting while taking into consideration the residents’ dignity.


Beirut on 25 October 2022

Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness)