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"Witness" receive a Turkish delegation

(Witness) receive a Turkish delegation from the 
Association for Solidarity with the Palestinian people

A Turkish  delegation from the Association for Solidarity with the Palestinian people,  visit the Palestinian Association For Human Rights (Witness) at its office in Beirut, after the greeting of the guests from (Witness) delegation,  the head of the Turkish delegation  Mr. Salim Sezer, introduced a brief summery about the role of the Solidarity Association in supporting the Palestinian cause at various levels, within a range of activities and cultural events designed to raise awareness of the Turkish people towards the fairness of the Palestinian cause, and how to support it.

Mr. Sezer explain clearly the daily tasks that Solidarity Association matched through participation in peaceful protests, and solidarity with the Palestinian cause, including, for example, the participation effectively in the anniversary of Earth Day, and the anniversary of the Nakba, and the symbolic strike of solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike, as well as caricature competitions, that gifted to the Palestinian martyr the artist Naji Al-Ali. Mr. Sezer also stressed that they are closely examined the reality of the Palestinian refugees and their suffering in their camps in Lebanon during their round inside the camps.  

On the other hand the Coordinator of Public Relations and Media (Witness) Mr. Mohammed al- Shouli welcomed the guest delegation, praising the role of the Turkish government, people, institutions and associations in supporting of the Palestinian cause and its fairness. He also explained in details to the guest delegation the role of (Witness) in defending the rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon in various levels, either with UNRWA or with respect to the Lebanese government institutions that deals with the Palestinian affairs, more over   the daily follow-ups issues that related for the refugees and to seek for logical solutions in order to ensure the dignity of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

At the end of the meeting, both sides stressed on the need  of building a cooperative relationship and exchanging ideas, studies and visits, for the general welfare  of the Palestinian refugees and to support their fairness cause until they return to their homeland Palestine.

Beirut, 28/04/2012
Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness)