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(Witness) On the Occasion of the International Women’s Day: Constant Suffering of Palestinian Women and call for providing protection for them

For decades, Palestinian women have always been an integral part of the Palestinian society at different social, economic and political levels and have been striving at all times alongside Palestinian men; from confronting the Israeli occupation to facing daily life challenges.

The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness) indicates that the Palestinian women situation hasn’t changed since many years in all their places of residence. Representing 49% of the Palestinian population, nearly the half, the Palestinian women still suffers from the occupation’s violations of killing, arresting, and house demolishing. In 2022, 172 Palestinian women were arrested, and the occupation forces had detained 29 until the end of 2022, including two underage and two female prisoners under administrative detention, while 18 were killed during 2022, and one woman from the beginning of 2023 to date.

In Lebanon, (Witness) states in its annual report of year 2022 that Palestinian women, representing 49.6% of the Palestinian society, still live similar socioeconomic conditions like previous years, in camps that lack minimal elements and basic services for a dignified human life, in addition to deprivation of civil, social and economic rights because of the Lebanese laws.

What adds insult to injury is that Palestinian women are also deprived of legal personality, the right to work and right to property.

In this context, the Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness) affirms the women’s right to special care that protects their basic rights stipulated in international treaties and conventions.  They have the right to legal personality, and to be given all their human rights, the most important of which are the right to life, the right to health care, the right to obtain basic needs, and the right to guarantee their social, economic and legal rights.

Congratulating the women all over the world and the Palestinian women in particular, we at the Palestinian Institution for Human Rights (Witness) support the rights of Palestinian women in all fields and in all places of their presence, and we call for the following:

·        To form an international commission of inquiry on the Israeli violations against women and children in the occupied Palestinian territories.

·        To implement conventions in this regard , particularly those stressing on women’s rights.

·        To respect the rules of the International Law and protect vulnerable groups including women.

·        International community to adhere to its responsibility through adequate support for UNRWA to carry out its duties towards the Palestinian refugees. 

·        Countries hosting refugees to provide protection for women and give them their rights in accordance with international laws.


Beirut 08/03/2023

Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness)