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Witness meets the representative of the director of the UNDP in Lebanon

"Witness" meets the representative of the director of the United Nations Development Program "UNDP" in Lebanon

The representative of the Director of the UNDP in Lebanon” Mr. Luka Randa" receives a delegation from the Palestinian association for Human Rights "witness", included the Public Relations and media Coordinator Mohammed al-Shouli and the representative of the association in Tyre area  Mahmoud Dawood.
The delegation discussed with Mr. Luka the status of the Palestinian refugees inside the camps in Lebanon and the role of UNDP in supporting UNRWA in Lebanon, the delegation discussed also the role of the UNDP in supporting and funding the Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee and the possibility of adding some qualified Palestinian as representatives to the Committee in order to activate their role in following up the issues of Palestinian refugees closely.
During the meeting, the delegation presented to Mr. Luka a copy of the annual report about "the reality situation of Palestinians human rights in Lebanon for the year 2011" and a set of studies and reports that the Association has issued during the previous times.
For his part, Mr. Luka welcomed the delegation, noting the efforts that are undertaken by "Witness" to follow up the issues of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, stressing on the importance of communication and the exchange of publications and reports on the situation of human rights in the future times.

Beirut 27/07/2012
Palestinian Association for Human Rights "witness"