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Witness meets the President of the LPDC, Dr. Khaldoun El-Charif

Witness meets the President of the LPDC, Dr. Khaldoun El-Charif
And discussed with him the situation of Palestinian refugees

The President of the Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee, Dr. Khaldoun El-Charif meets at his office in Beirut, a delegation from the Palestinian Association for Human Rights "witness", which included the Director of the Association, Mahmoud Hanafi and the Public Relation and Media coordinator Mohammed al-Shouli.
The delegation of "witness" Congratulates Dr. Khaldoun al Charif the new position and their wishes to succeed in his mission for the benefit of both the Lebanese and the Palestinian people and for the improvement of the situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
During the meeting, the delegation of the "Witness" introduces a memorandum to the President of the LPDC, which stated:
  1. The need to remove all administrative obstacles that stand in the face of the acceleration of the reconstruction of  Nahr al-Bared, and the demand from international donors by coordination with UNRWA to fulfill their financial obligations  that were taken during  the donor conference in Vienna in 2008.
  2. The need for automation all the documents of the Palestinian refugees especially (identity card, travel documents, marriage and divorce contracts and other documents, etc.  ...).
  3. Look for the activation of the proposals submitted to the Lebanese Parliament towards the right to real estate, the right to work for the liberal professions, which have been referred to the relevant committees for further study.
  4. Look for the application of the rights of work and Social Security, and to clarify the Lebanese official position after the recent decision of the Lebanese Minister of Work Mr. Jreissati.
  5. Follow-up the issue of the non IDs within a clear and consistent mechanism. Note that this issue had been opened partially and temporarily at an earlier stage.
  6. Activating and follow up the section of the legal protection of refugees issues in general and particularly the Iraqi Palestinian refugees.
  7. Demand for employment Palestinian stuff among the working groups in the LPDC.
  8. Look for an effective mechanism for cooperation between the LPDC and "Witness” association, which had been done partially in the previous stages.
From his part, Dr. El-Charif welcomed "witness” delegation, noting their professional role towards the rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, and promised to follow up all the issues and points that relates for the human rights of the refugees, and to activate the role of the LPDC that fit the needs of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Beirut on 17/7/2012
Palestinian Association for Human Rights "witness"