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witness meets Belgian Ambassador in Lebanon

"Witness" meets Belgian Ambassador in Lebanon

The Belgian Ambassador in Lebanon Colette Taquet and in the presence of her assistant Mr. Jan Wouters received a delegation from the Palestinian Association for Human Rights "Witness" that included the director of the association Mahmoud Hanafi and the public relations and media coordinator Mohammed al-Shouli.

The delegation discussed with Ambassador the conditions of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and the difficult conditions they face in the camps and gatherings. The delegation also reviewed the crisis of the displaced Palestinians from Syria to Lebanon, and their bad humanitarian conditions.

In turn the Ambassador stressed on the right of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to live in dignity, and to provide all means of support for UNRWA to carry out its duty, she also confirmed the continued support of the Belgian government for the reconstruction of Nahr al-Bared, and their work to improve the living conditions of Palestinian refugees in the camps in various fields.

Beirut, 10/12/2012
Palestinian Association for Human Rights "Witness"