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Witness - meets a youth Malaysian delegation Supporter of the Palestinian cause

Witness - meets a youth Malaysian delegation 
Supporter of the Palestinian cause

A youth Malaysian delegation from AL Israa foundation visited the Palestinian Association for Human Rights "Witness” in its office in Beirut, the delegation included a group of solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

During the traditional lunch meeting, the Director of "witness" Mahmoud Hanafi, explains to the visitor delegation about the reality situation of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, and the impact of the crisis of Palestinian refugees from Syria on the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. 

Witness has been accompanied visitor delegation on a tour inside the Beirut camps, to look closely at the situation of refugees where they met some of the Palestinian activists in the camps more over some of the orphans and their families.

"Witness” also accompanied the visitor team to the Lebanese-Palestinian border, starting from Naqoura through the border villages. During the tour along the border, the visitor delegation expressed their solidarity and supporting to the Palestinian people and their humanity cause and their right to return to their homeland, Palestine.

In front the overlooking of   the Hula Valley, "Witness” provided a symbolic gift to the visiting delegation, a veil and plate Palestinian for Al-Aqsa Mosque that expresses about the need of Palestine and Jerusalem to mobilize energies in order to defense of the legitimate humanitarian issues.

Beirut 04/02/2013
Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness)