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(Witness) holds a legal seminar "Paths for the establishment of a Palestinian state - a legal vision" And launches a new book under the title: “The Palestinian State in International Law"


The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness) held a legal seminar entitled "Paths for the establishment of a Palestinian state - a legal vision" in which about 25 academic and legal personalities from experts and specialists participated, and a representative of the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee, representatives of the Directorate of International Humanitarian Law at the Lebanese Ministry of Defense and the ICRC's legal adviser at the International Red Cross at the Riviera Hotel in Beirut. The seminar moderated by Dr. Kholoud Al Khatib.

The seminar opened with a minute of silence on the lives of the martyrs of the Gaza Strip after the recent aggression, and then the Director of the Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness), Dr. Mahmoud Hanafi, presented the importance of the seminar, its timing and the reasons for convening it, then he went on to talk about the book prepared by Dr. Shafiq al-Masri and which issued by a witness under the title: "Palestinian State in International Law", noting the professionalism of Dr. Shafiq al-Masri, one of the most prominent legal personalities and the most prominent in writing books on legal approaches related to the Palestinian cause.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law, Political and Administrative Sciences at the Lebanese University Dr. Kamil Habeib presented a speech by Dr. Assam Ismail, in which he insured that Palestine is the state, in conscience, law and logic, but is a state precedent in the existence the emergence of international law in modern concepts.

Any existing State (Israel) according to agreements is invalid because it is based on the rape of the right, because it is based on domination, on intimidation or acquiescence, or on agreements of betrayal of a nation, The Convention, although if it done by an official side, However, according to the concepts related to natural law are conventions that infiltrated the invalidity and referred to nothing, for its  contradiction with concepts that are unchangeable and related to the basis of state formation.

Dr. Khuloud Al-Khatib moderated the seminar and reviewed the biography of Dr. Shafiq Al-Masri, and a track record in research and academic life, with its unique model and its unique professors.

In the first part of the seminar, Dr. Shafiq Al-Masri presented an extensive presentation on the book "The Palestinian State in International Law" with its six chapters highlighting the main points addressed in the book. Then was the period of discussion about what Dr. Shafik presented.

In the second part of the seminar, the researcher Dr. Jaber Suleiman presented a research paper entitled "The choice of the Palestinian state in the context of the deal of the times: where to", answering several problems, including "how the official Palestinian leadership has weakened the Palestinian position through negotiations over a quarter of a century "And then the presentation of the elements of the deal of the century, which became clear, and then a discussion opened on the paper of  Dr. Jaber Suleiman.

Dr. Mahmoud Hanafi presented the main recommendations of the seminar, including:

First: the need to benefit from this book and the discussions around it all of which constitute a reference from the legal references that have strengthened the existence of the state since the 1920s.

Second: The elements of this book constitute specific cases in international law to strengthen the existence of the Palestinian state.

Third: The book of the Palestinian state in international law should be considered a legal document that constitutes a human rights compass to correct the political process and the legal struggle.

Fourth: the need to re-discuss the resolution 181 of the General Assembly and its direct implications related to the establishment of a Palestinian state is considered to be much better than the offer that the Israeli promised to the Palestinian negotiators.

Fifth: The need to translate this book into several languages.

Sixth: Building a legal system of Palestinian, Arab and international people of experience and competence to benefit from the legal opinion and search for possible legal options in the prosecution of the leaders of the occupation before international courts ..

The seminar concluded by presenting a shield to Dr. Shafiq Al-Masri for his research efforts on the Palestinian cause and for his book "The Palestinian State and International Law".


Beirut, 16/11/2018

Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness)