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Witness Condemns Force-feeding of Detained Journalist Al-Qeeq, Holds Israel Responsible for his Life

‘Witness’ Condemns Force-feeding of Detained Journalist Al-Qeeq,

Holds Israel Responsible for his Life


Palestinian Detainees Committee’sLawyer HebaMasalha revealed on 10/1/2016 that the Israeli Medical Committee has decided to force-feed hunger striking detained journalist Mohamad al-Qeeq. Al-Qeeq, unable to walk or move, was handcuffed and force-fed via intravenous infusion. Lawyer Masalha revealed in press statements that physicians at Afula Hospital said that al-Qeeq’s health has deteriorated and was in critical condition as his kidney and liver could be affected and he might suffer brain hemorrhage.

Al-Qeeq is from the West Bank village of Dura and works as reporter for al-Majd Saudi news channel. He was detained on 21/11/2015 by Israeli Occupation Forces who broke into his house at dawn, searched it and confiscated computers and mobile phones. On 24/11/2015, Al-Qeeq announced a hunger strike in protest against administrative detention and he declared in media statements that his detention was illegal and arbitrary. He considered his hunger strike as a response to his torture and humiliation during interrogation atJalamedetention center where he was threatened with rape and deprivation of his children, and was exposed to strip searching, sleep deprivation, shabeh and other forms of abuse.

The Palestinian Association forHuman Rights (Witness) reiterates that the issue of al-Qeeqisa just, humanitarian issue and holds the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the life of al-Qeeq who is member of Palestinian Journalists Syndicate and the International Federation of Journalists. Witness also:

1. Stresses that force-feeding for hunger strikers does not respect the will of the prisoner or his legitimate needs and it confiscates the right of prisoners to protest against their arbitrary detention and harsh conditions. It is also a death sentence to the freedom of press in the occupied Palestinian territories.

2. Emphasizes that force-feeding is a method of torture and an infringement on the dignity of prisoners.

3. Calls on international human rights organizations to expose the crimes of the Israeli occupation in international fora and work to internationalize the issue of prisoners.

4. Calls on the Palestinian Authority to take the issue of prisoners and their suffering to the InternationalCriminal Court.

5. Calls on concerned international organizations, especially Reporters without Borders and the International Federation of Journalists, to interfere urgently to save the life of journalist al-Qeeq.



Beirut, 11/1/2016