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(Witness) condemns Argentina embassy transfer to occupied Jerusalem and calls for respect for international law and UN resolutions

(Witness) condemns Argentina embassy transfer to occupied Jerusalem and calls for respect for international law and UN resolutions


Argentina President Javier Milei has announced on February 6,2024 plans to shift his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem upon his arrival on his first diplomatic visit as President of Argentina as he meets Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz.

The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness) affirms that according to the international humanitarian law, East Jerusalem is an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territories in June 4, 1967 and falls under the Fourth Geneva Convention in 1949. All legislative and discriminatory measures enacted by the Israeli Knesset are deemed null and void and violate all legitimate international resolutions concerning the occupied Jerusalem.

Security Council Resolution 242 (1967) stipulates the withdrawal of Israel armed forces from the territories occupied in June war then and the necessity to establish a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. Since the Israeli occupation remains on the Palestinian territories, the determination of their future post-Israel troops withdrawal is not merely a humanitarian mission but rather an international concern directly related to upholding the inherent national rights of the Palestinian people.

The embassy transfer is a serious step that can further legitimize the Israeli occupation which violates the international humanitarian law, especially Fourth Geneva Convention in 1949 and its additional protocol in 1977. It also contradicts UN purposes that call for the right to self-determination of peoples and don’t confer legitimacy on occupation. Additionally, it violates numerous international resolutions, notably Resolution 181 and Resolution 242.

(Witness) affirms that the relocation of the Argentine embassy constitutes a violation of the inherent rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to self-determination and the establishment of their independent state. Moreover, it contravenes the principles of the United Nations Charter, which obligate states to respect the sovereignty of other states and refrain from interfering in their internal affairs. Therefore, we urge for a reversal of this decision and enforcement of the principles of international humanitarian law in the occupied Palestinian territories.


February 7, 2024

The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness)