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The project of reconstruction and the provision of services in Nahr al-Bared camp will be continue

(Witness) visit North Lebanon
The project of reconstruction and the provision of services in Nahr al-Bared camp will be continue

In its following -up  the files for human rights and humanitarian conditions of the  Palestinian refugee in Lebanon, (Badawi and Naher al Bared)" A delegation from the Palestinian Association for Human Rights "witness" included the Director of the association Mahmoud Hanafi,  and the Public relations and media coordinator Mohammed al-Shouli,and the Social researcher Imad Taha ,has made  a field round in the refugee camps (Badawi and Naher al Bared) in order to  meet closely the political and social activists there, and to stand on the reality and the conditions of these camps, more over the situation of Palestinian refugees whom displaced from Syria.

The delegation of (witness) met during his tour in Nahr al-Bared, the audit and evaluation team of UNRWA performance that specially attended from Aman-Jordan, which included Ms. Sharon Fitzpatrick,, Ms. Susie Abu Ali and Mr. Vijay Venkatesh, where the delegation of (Witness) give them a brief explanation about the role  and the activities of "Witness” in general and the observations on the performance of all UNRWA sectors of in Lebanon for the visitor team.

In the same context, the delegation of (witness) met with  the project manager for the reconstruction of Nahr al-Bared, the  Engineer, who gave a detailed explanation of all  stages of reconstruction, and stressed that it is going well, depending on the difference in the performance on the ground  between the visiting delegation of the "witness" for the same project before two months, and what has been accomplished today, He also emphasize that the homes which recently completed  will deliver  in next June this year, and there are  other new packages are advertised and will be franchised with the  contractors.

At the same time Mohamed Abdel Aal has denied the rumors and uncertainty about the stop of the reconstruction project, and emphasize that all the operations are going according to the availability of funds from donors, and UNRWA is still exerting large efforts to secure the necessary funding, which is estimated about145 million$  to complete all stages of reconstruction.

From his part, the delegation of (witness) assured about the need of continuing the reconstruction processes and to provide different services for Palestinian refugees, especially residents of Nahr al-Bared camp until the end of the reconstruction project and the return of all its inhabitants to their homes.

Beirut 06/05/2013
Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness)