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The Ministerial statement has nothing to doas Lebanese commitment Lebanontoward the Palestinian refugees rights in


The Palestinian Association for Human Rights is pursuing the ministerial statement of the current government, congratulating the formation of the Lebanese government and wishing them success in their work through their legal duration and the wishes for security, safety and economic stability. An extreme surprise is recorded by "Witness" as a result of the lack of Lebanese commitment toward the Palestinian rights in terms of the international Obligations taking into consideration the rights of work and ownership.


As confirmed in the ministerial statement: "We confirm the government's commitment to the provisions of the Constitution as a rejection of the principle of resettlement of refugees and especially the Palestinians supporting their right to return to their homeland. The international organizations and some countries should hold up responsibilities to support "UNRWA" in a" permanent and non-intermittent" way, including the funds to reconstruct of Nahr AL Bared Camp.

Lebanon confirms the need to strengthen the Lebanese-Palestinian dialogue, to avoid what is happening in the camps as the tension and the use of the weapon are increasing, which does not serve its case.Actually,it is not acceptable to the Lebanese people and government. "


The above paragraph completely has nothing from the Lebanese commitment to the rights of Palestinian refugees residing in Lebanon forcibly for more than 68 years. Lebanon is a founding member of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which has an obligation under the LebaneseConstitution's Introduction. Lebanon is also certified to the International Bill of Human Rights and numerous international conventions in international human rights law and all are signed agreements and ratified by Lebanon voluntarily, which make Lebanon committed to it away from any understandings and controversies.

When the international organizations tend to support the Palestinians, they look for legal environments. For example: how it could be for "UNRWA" to offer job opportunities for Palestinians in which Lebanon prevents them from working especially in the self-employment jobs. And how can other international organizations to be aware of its role in alleviating the suffering of the refugees in the camps, which are overcrowded in a difficult way to live, does the Lebanese government to expand the space of any camp? And how can wedecrease the enormous pressure on the population in the camps while Lebanese state to prevent the repossession of one real estate under the real estate acquisition Law No. 296/2001.


Primarily, to respect the rights Palestinians is a benefit for the Lebanese in first, and   right of return is achieved through the fulfillment of human rights and international obligations. The pressure, deprivation and marginalization provide a fertile environment for illegal immigration, extremism and violence. The approaches to the human rights of the Palestinian situation in Lebanon is the safest and best way to prevent the resettlement and deportation.


Beirut 27 December 2017


Palestinian Association for Human Rights