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The film “Amira” supports the occupation’s allegations and disregards the prisoners’ aspirations for freedom

       "Amira", an Egyptian movie, directed by Mohamed Diab, was produced this year (Co-production between Egypt, Palestine and Jordan) deals with a sensitive issue, which is "sperm smuggling from occupation prisons.” The events of the film revolve around a sperm that was smuggled from the occupation prisons to the wife of a prisoner, so that the wife gives birth to a child, who later discovers that she is the daughter of an Israeli officer.

       The film was shown on Sunday 5/12/2021 at the opening of the 12th session of Karamah Human Rights Film Festival in Amman, Jordan. The film was selected to represent the Jordanian Kingdom in the Oscars, to compete in the International Feature Film category for the year of 2022, as announced by the Royal Film Commission of Jordan.

       The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness) condemns the screening of the film for its direct abuse to the prisoners and their efforts to attain their freedom and dignity because it reflects an opposing picture of the reality, as the process of smuggling sperms is considered to be a Palestinian achievement that hasn’t occurred throughout the history; except in Palestine. By this process, the prisoners were able to break the jailer’s injustice, creating hope that tended to be impossible.

          Since the beginning of the year 2020, (Witness) has been endeavoring diligently to prevent the publication of this film. For this, the former communicated with those who are in direct charge of the work and told them about the sensitivity and importance of the topic, and the danger of presenting these offensive ideas to the prisoners and their families in particular and to the Palestinian cause and the Palestinians in general.

(Witness) considers that the film "Amira” serves the occupation’s allegations and ignores the prisoners’ aspirations for dignity and freedom. For this, the former calls on the Jordanian Ministry of Culture, the Media Authority, The Royal Film Commission, The Artists Syndicate, and Karama Film Festival Administration for Human Rights, to take serious measures to stop the showing of this film and withdraw it from all platforms.


Beirut, 8/12/2021

  Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness)