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targeting of the civilians and media in the Gaza Strip rise to the level of war crimes

Press release
Witness considers the targeting of the civilians and media in the Gaza Strip rise to the level of war crimes

Israel launched a huge ferocious war on the Gaza Strip in 14.11.2012 by targeting a military leader in Hamas, Ahmed Jaabari, and his guard, and the raids continued on the Gaza Strip for eight consecutive days and killed:
  • 173 civilians and high number of injured people that reach to 1050 person.
  • The high number of victims among children that reach to 33 children, and 274 injury children.
  • The high death among women, approximately 13 women, and 162 injury woman.
  • The killing of three journalists and wounding 12, according to a report release from the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights.
Israel aggression on Gaza violated all the rules of international humanitarian law, all international conventions for the protection of civilians during war and armed conflict, the Israeli aircrafts and military boats deliberately targeting journalists and media centers especially Media Center in Al Shorouk Tower and the reporters of Al-Aqsa and Al Quds space channels caused many dead and wounded people and trying at the same time to prevent the transfer of live pictures about the crimes of brutal Israeli aggression.

The journalists are considered civilians, and apply on them the necessary protection under the provisions of the Third and Fourth Geneva Convention, as well as the first Protocol of 1977, especially Article 79.

The persistence of Israel in its aggression for eight days in Gaza Strip using all kinds of weapons ,aircrafts , tanks and military ships, rockets, struck all the regional and international initiatives, shows the true face of Israel and its leaders in their defiance of the international community and the relevant international conventions.

We in the Palestinian Association for Human Rights "witness" about this aggression on the Gaza Strip demands the following:
  • immediate lifting of the blockade around Gaza Strip and open all the land and sea crossings, in addition to provide financial support for the reconstruction of what was destroyed by the Israeli aggression such homes, schools and public or private organizations.
  • The prosecution of Israeli leaders and bring them either to the International Criminal Court, or the national courts for their war crimes that they have committed.
  • Provide international protection for Palestinian civilians, whether in Gaza or the West Bank.
  • Oblige Israel to respect the rules of international humanitarian law and relevant international conventions by stopping its economic and military support from the United States and the European Union.
  • The need to achieve Palestinian-Palestinian reconciliation as soon as possible to enable the Palestinian people to face current and future challenges.
  • We ask the international community to take immediate and permanent steps to stop the crimes of the occupation, and we renew our call for the High Contracting Parties of the Fourth Geneva Convention, to fulfill their obligations under Article I of the Convention, and which undertakes to respect the Convention and ensure respect in all circumstances, and their obligation under Article 146 of the Convention to prosecute the accused of committing serious violations of the Convention, which constitute war crimes according to article 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention to protect civilians and under the Protocol of 1977.
Beirut 27/11/2012
Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness)