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In The International Day of Human Rights A Human Rights Workshop Held by the (Witness) In Collaboration with The Student Parliament at Deir Yassine High School in Tyre

On the occasion of the International Day of Human Rights, the Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness) conducted a workshop for the student parliament members at Deir Yassine High school in Al Buss camp, south Lebanon.

The workshop discussed the International Declaration of Human Rights and its thirty articles, for the purpose of stressing the importance of recognizing human rights and adhering to them.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a milestone document right after the World War II that outlines the basic rights that everyone must enjoy without discrimination.

The workshop included an interactive activity on the main characteristics of human rights (universal, inalienable, indivisible, interdependent principles). At the end of the workshop, the students wrote the major rights on a petition and signed on it.


The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness)

Beirut 19-12-2022