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In the context of mobilizing support for the UNRWA and conveying the sufferings of the Refugees, (Witness) hosts an Italian Parliamentary Delegation


The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness) hosted on Friday, May 27, 2022, an Italian parliamentary delegation that included representatives of the Five Stars Party, Davide Tripedi and Corrado Fossati, accompanied by a delegation from the Palestinian gathering in Italy.

The aim of the delegation’s visit was to examine the reality of the Palestinian refugees and raise their recommendations to the Italian parliament and government.

(Witness) organized a meeting with the UNRWA administration in Lebanon with the Deputy Director-General, Ms. Mira Thompson, who briefed the visiting delegation on the services provided by UNRWA to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and the challenges they face in light of the stifling economic crisis afflicting Lebanon. Ms. Thompson called on the visiting delegation to urge their government to increase financial support for UNRWA and to stand by the renewal of its mandate in December 2022.

(Witness) also organized the delegation's meeting with the Joint Palestinian National Action Committee in Lebanon at the headquarters of the Palestinian Embassy in Beirut.

The visiting delegation provided a summary of what was inferred from its meetings on the drastic conditions of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

The Palestinian factions affirmed the importance of persisting in supporting UNRWA and maintaining its services as it is the international witness of the refugees’ issue and their right to a dignified life until their return to their land.

The delegation continued its meetings with popular and youth delegations of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The parliamentary delegation's visit comes as part of a series of visits organized by (Witness) for foreign delegations to brief on the situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.


Beirut in 31/5/2022

Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness)