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field study about Palestinian children in Lebanon

Witness issued " Palestinian children in Lebanon, Bitter Reality and unknown future
Witness association for human rights issued a field study about Palestinian children in Lebanon especially in English language. This study include 100 pages and it is a result of a hard effort that had taken about one and half a year. The purpose of this study: It is to look closer at the reality of the children conditions using facts and figures. It aims to shed light about:
  1. Health condition of Palestinian children, the major health challenges, public health and the environment.
  2. Behavioutal and social condition, in addition to the verbal violence and harsh attitude and their relation to social, economic and political factor .
  3. Educational conditions that shed light on the educational level, school dropout and many other related problems.
  4. The influence of economic, political and security pressure on the Palestinian children in Lebanon and its impact on the children’s way of thinking. This copy was modified from an Arabic copy.
Beirut, 18/8/2009
Witness Association For Human Rights