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Fearing from spreading the disease in the Palestinian camps (Witness) Demands to Take Preventive Action against "Corona" Virus

The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness) is following with great concern the Lebanese Ministry of Health's registration of 13 cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and expresses its fear that it may spread in Palestinian camps and gatherings in Lebanon, where it meets several conditions that make it an easy target for this virus, including:

First: a very high population density, which means the ease of transmission of infection from one patient to another.

Second: Stressful economic conditions and high poverty rates make it difficult to secure a livelihood, not to mention the ability to purchase necessary protective supplies such as masks, sterile liquids, and cleaning materials.

Third: A weak health structure, including clinics, dispensaries, and medical centers, which makes it unable to diagnose this disease as well as treat it.

Fourth: School classes are crowded with students and the absence of a private nurse for each school to check on possible medical conditions.

Fifth: The presence of waste in alleys and between homes.

The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness), as it calls on everyone specially UNRWA to assume its responsibilities, it demands for the following:

1. The need for the camp residents to assume their responsibilities towards general and accurate hygiene in homes and alleys.

2. The need to have a private nurse in every UNRWA’s school.

3. Rehabilitation of the medical staff in hospitals, clinics and dispensaries to deal with these cases.

4. Carry out awareness campaigns among the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon by all responsible parties.

5. Carry out pesticide spraying campaigns in all camps and gatherings

6. Dealing with landfills in a healthier and preventive manner better than they are now.

March 5, 2020

Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness)