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Balfour's promise to establish a state based on the violation of international law

The Balfour promise was not closed even though a century passed on it issuing in November 2, 1917, and it’s causing in the displacement of the Palestinian people from the land of their ancestors. Millions of Palestinian people at home and abroad are still demanding their right to return to their homes, villages and property.

Britain established the Israeli entity on the historic land of Palestine, and sought to divide the Arab region in the arrangements after the Sykes-Picot Agreement in 1916, and thus planned and participated in the theft described to the Palestinian homeland with the leaders of the Zionist movement such as Rothschild and Chaim Weizmann and those who came after them. To this point, the British government does not seem inclined to review its colonial behavior in Palestine, and the statements made by British Prime Minister Theresa May, to which the Balfour Declaration is proud, are proof.

The insistence of British policy for decades claiming that it sought during the occupation of Palestine 1917-1948 not to harm the Palestinian people ..., The reality of the events is what led to the tragic end of this people, but the truth is that the British policy deliberately deceived and lying, and denied its promises to the Palestinians and the Arabs, and exercised on the ground procedures that will lead to disastrous results, and deliberately suppressed the Palestinian people and deprived them of their aspirations for freedom and independence . And committed itself to implementing the first part of the Balfour Declaration to establish a "national homeland for the Jews in Palestine", but did not abide by its second division, which includes not harming the rights of the Palestinians, who were at that time about 92% of the population, according to British estimates themselves. As well as its denial of its role as a mandate force under the Charter of the League of Nations, namely that the mandated force would assist the mandated people to build their political, economic and social institutions and prepare them for independence, which Britain never committed to the people of Palestine.

The message of the Balfour Declaration:

"Dear Lord Rothschild, I am very pleased to inform you, on behalf of His Majesty's Government, of the following statement of sympathy for the aspirations of Jews and Zionism, which has been presented to the Ministry and approved: "The Government of His Majesty looks forward favorably to the establishment of a national homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine and will do its utmost to facilitate this end, with the understanding that it will not be done to undermine the civil and religious rights of the non-Jewish communities currently residing in Palestine, nor the rights or political status enjoyed by Jews in other countries. "

We at the Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness) emphasize the illegality of this promise for the following reasons:

1.     That the ominous promise has no legal value and is contrary to the provisions and rules of international law, because Britain in 1917 was a mandate and occupation state and did not have a legal status with Palestine. It was not entitled to relinquish Palestine as a state occupying the Palestinian homeland, which later became the Mandatory state in 1918.

2.     The declaration is not a treaty and this letter has no legal value, since the Balfour Declaration grants land on which Britain had no legal association. Britain did not own Palestine at the time of its issuance. Making this promise null and void from the point of view of international law and non- binding to the Palestinians.

3.     The Balfour Declaration is invalid because its content is not legal, since the subject of the promise is to contract with Zionism to expel the people of Palestine from their homes and give them to the Jews.  One of the bases of international contracting the legality of the subject of contracting in the sense that the subject matter of the agreement between the parties is permissible and approved by the principles of ethics and permitted by law and any contract contrary to one of these conditions is considered to be canceled and cannot be binding parties. Balfour's promise is absolutely unacceptable, as it embodies a full violation of the rights of the Palestinian people, and this is contrary to the principles of morality and law.



1. The Balfour Declaration is contrary to international law, and our people must prosecute and prosecute Britain, oblige it to apologize and pay compensation for what it has done.

2. Calling upon the international community to compel the occupying state to implement Resolution 194 on the return of Palestinians to their villages and cities.

3. To submit a request to reconsider the membership of the occupying state in the United Nations because it does not comply with the conditions of membership that came in UN Resolution 181, which according to it the occupying state is built.



Beirut, 2/11/2018

Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness)