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Bahia Hariri discuss the conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Bahia Hariri the member of Lebanese parliament
Receive from "witness" a copy of the Annual Report for 2012
And discuss the conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

MP Bahia Hariri welcomed in her villa in Majdalyoun, a delegation from the Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness) that included the Director Mahmoud Hanafi and the coordinator of public relations and media Mohammed al-Shouli and social activist Mostafa Al-younes.

The delegation discussed with Madam Hariri the Palestinian human rights situation in Lebanon, and the crisis of the Palestinian refugee from Syria, and the suffering they face in Lebanon, whether for lack of shelter and medical care, food, clothing or the legal status and the role of international organizations towards them.

The Excellency MP Hariri insists for their absolute support for the fair cause of the Palestinian, and to stand by the rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. She also confirmed continuation of the claim through the constitutional frameworks to give Palestinian refugees their civil rights, and stressed on working with the various Palestinian factions and Lebanese security forces to maintain the security and stability of the Palestinian camps. 

During the meeting, (witness) presented Madam Hariri, a copy of the annual report for the year 2012, Hariri hoping that the situation of the Palestinian refugees in the coming years becomes better than its predecessors.

Beirut, 11/04/2013
Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness)