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Awareness about the campaigns of incitement to hatred and violence against the Palestinians

Awareness about the campaigns of incitement to hatred and violence against the Palestinians

An appeal to open of the Rafah crossing continuously

The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness) follows with great awareness the claims and actions that preceded and followed the isolation of he elect Egyptian President Dr. Mohamed Morsi by Egyptian Defense Minister Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, especially those claims and accusing associated with Palestinian people, whether they live in Egypt or resident in the besieged Gaza Strip.

 After the military coup that isolates the -elect Egyptian President Dr. Mohamed Morsi on 3 -7- 2013, many of the Egyptian media and other Arab space channels insist to accuse the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to destabilize  the security and stability situations in Egypt by accusing the Palestinians are standing behind the aggression, killing, or kidnapping of the Egyptians soldiers in Sinai, as well as broken the doors of the prisons and release the prisoners, although the Egyptian judiciary has not been proven the involvement of the Palestinians in any of these actions until this moment.

The Egyptian Public Prosecution has justified the arresting of the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on for 15 days, accusing him of collaborating with one of the Palestinian movement, which encourage the opposition popular movement against the President Morsi to link any further violence action with Gaza Strip, and justify any action that may taken against the Gaza Strip is due to the disruption of humanitarian protection concepts of the Egyptian national security.

After isolating the Egyptian President Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the ruling authorities in Egypt directly put many tight security procedures led to the closure of the Rafah crossing, and then restrict passenger traffic, noteworthy that the Rafah crossing is the only crossing which connects the Gaza Strip with the outside world. At the same time the Egyptian Armed Forces bulldozers destroy the tunnels, which provide the Gaza Strip with its needs of food, fuel and other basic materials and equipments. Since Hamas won legislative elections in 2006, the occupation authorities imposed a siege on the Gaza Strip's that include 1.7 million inhabitants.

The imposed of accusations through political statements or from media, considered an act contrary to morality and inconsistent with the ABCs of human rights, and create fertile ground calls for hatred and violence against Palestinians living in Egypt and abroad, also gives the ruling authorities justification to the closure of the crossing and to refrain from issuing visas to and from Egypt under the pretext of maintaining national security.

The continuing campaigns of incitement to violence and hatred by Egyptians politicians and a variety of media, unless of the negligence of the ruling authorities in Egypt about this matter.

The Egyptian authorities that close the Rafah crossing as the only crossing land with the outside world, as well as the destruction of tunnels is a violation of international humanitarian law, this has been classified as a crime against humanity, because of the availability of the constituent elements. The construction of these tunnels between the Egyptian and Palestinian borders is an inevitable consequence of the Israeli siege first, and Secondly as a result of not opening the Rafah crossing periodically, more over the confined upon the movement of passengers without goods. The practice of sovereignty on a State does not mean the violation of human rights, particularly in the case of the siege residents of the Gaza Strip many years ago.

The closure of the Rafah crossing and the closure of tunnels that have used for humanitarian aids, contribute effectively to tighten the siege on the Gaza Strip, which is carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities. The new Egyptian actions incompatible with the spirit of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, which was signed by the Egyptian government early. Whereas Article 23 of which states that "each party of the High Contracting Parties to ensure the free passage of all consignments of medical and hospital stores and objects necessary for religious worship intended only for residents of another contracting party of civilians, even if the adversary., And shall likewise permit the free passage of all consignments of essential foodstuffs, clothing and tonics intended for children under fifteen years of age, pregnant and postpartum women."

The Palestinian Association for Human Rights "witness" calls the Egyptian authorities, to implement the following:

1.      Stop the systematic media and political campaigns against the Palestinians, and the ruling Egyptian authorities, whether political or judicial should make intervention to stop this dangerous tampering and punish the responsible ones.

2.      The ruling Egyptian authorities should open of Rafah crossing naturally, to allowing the flow of passengers and goods to and from the Gaza strip without any obstacles. And ruling Egyptian authorities should stress on the Israeli authorities to remove the siege on the Gaza Strip.

3.      Call of international human rights organizations and the Palestinian Arab and to do their moral and legal duties to stop the incitement media and political campaigns against the Palestinian in Gaza Strip.

4.      Encourage and stimulate the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the European Union, the Arab League and the African Union to intervene, including the moral and legal duty to prevent the serious slipping upon the human rights achievement that have been obtained in the revolution of January 25 / January 2011.

Beirut, 07/30/2013

Palestinian Association for Human Rights "witness"