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A human rights organization denouncing the assassinations committed in Nablus and calling the Palestinian Authority to halt security coordination

Being concerned with Palestinian refugees’ rights, the Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness) issues a statement denouncing the ongoing crimes of occupation against Palestinians.

The assassination of the three youths on Tuesday, according to (Witness), is an extrajudicial act that clearly violates international laws and norms that protect the lives of Palestinian people.

(Witness) has also affirmed that the systematic aggressions of the occupation on the Palestinians will persist if no serious step is taken by the international community to cease such violations.

 (Witness) calls in its statement the international community to bear responsibility towards the Palestinian people through urgent measures to be taken to protect their lives. The Palestinian authority is also called to stop security coordination with the Israeli occupation, in line with the decisions of the Palestinian Central Council and the demands of the Palestinian people.



Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness)

Beirut, 09/08/2022