Thank you for your interest in contributing in providing the legal protection of Palestine refugees


(Witness) are currently receiving funding from a number of highly respected UN organizations. We are now looking to expand our sources of funding so that the individuals concerned and the smaller organizations can contribute in supporting the rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.


By transferring funds from your bank account to the Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness) account, you can be a partner in the process of defending marginalized groups of Palestinian refugees.


In the framework in defensing Palestinian human rights in Lebanon, the association has four main tasks: educating the Palestinian society on human rights through awareness programs, workshops and training courses, and the task of legal and defense through professional human rights mechanisms, especially advocacy campaigns, also the task of networking and building legal alliances with other human rights organizations and the task of providing legal advice.


The policy of moral donation:

(witness) welcomes only the contributions of individuals and organizations that believe in universal principles of human rights and support the implementation of international humanitarian law. This is why we will not accept any donations that violate these principles and no anonymous donations will be accepted.


To help us applying our donation policy, all donors should send an email to [email protected], to let us know:

1. Contact details of the donor, including name, address, e-mail and regular telephone.

2. The amount provided to assist the human rights of Palestine refugees in Lebanon.

3. Account details.

Thank you in advance for any donations you make to the Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness)

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