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An Economic Partnership Between the European Union and Israel Without Taking into Consideration of the Former the Human Rights Violations Committed

       For the first time in a decade, the European Union and Israel held talks on the 3rd of October 2022 to advance peace efforts and put pressure on Israel over its actions against Palestinians. This was done without clarifying the way of pressure on Israel to respect human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories and how these efforts will take place while the Israeli settlement is expanding on a large scale in the West Bank and rate of killings of civilians is increasing.

     Josep Borrell, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, who spoke to Yair Lapid, the Israeli prime minister, said that what encouraged the EU was the support of the two-state solution that the latter has mentioned in his speech to the General Assembly last September. With the significant increase in killing operations during the last seven years that targeted 1127 Palestinians including 229 children and 71 women, EU policy makers has advocated the two-state solution though there no prospect of peace is expected.

     Israel and EU ties have been agreed since 1959 and are based on many fields of economic, commercial, scientific, and cultural cooperation.

     The high-profile meeting of EU and Israel is held again after a halt since 2012 due to the bloc’s criticism of Israel’s expansion of settlements in the West Bank.

    Perhaps, the main reasons behind reviving the economic partnership between EU and Israel are the Ukraine-Russia war, the gas crisis in Europe and the discovery of large quantities in the Mediterranean Sea, and the possibility of signing a border demarcation agreement with Lebanon and the Occupation.

    According to the second article of the Israel-EU partnership agreement, the two parties must build a relationship based on respecting human rights and democracy principles that guide their internal and international policy.

The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness) considers the reactivation of this partnership surprisingly a reward for Israel for its systematic crimes represented by expanding settlements, killings, and Judaization of Holy city and encourages these acts. It also calls on the European Union to prioritize morals, values, and human rights over economic interests.   

Beirut 05/10/2022

Palestinian Association for Human Rights (Witness)